A Poignant and Eloquent Ode to Fathers and Daughters – Charles Ives Take Me Home January 17 – February 11, 2018

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December 4, 2017

A Poignant and Eloquent Ode to Fathers and Daughters – Charles Ives Take Me Home January 17 – February 11, 2018

The Naples Players (TNP) present Jessica Dickey’s poignant and eloquent ode to fathers and daughters, Charles Ives Take Me Home, with performances January 17-February 11, 2018. Whether the relationship between a father and daughter is nonexistent or reminiscent of Atticus Finch and Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird, that relationship will prove to be one of the most profound of both of their lives. Charles Ives Take Me Home eloquently guides us through the lives of John Starr (Mark Vanagas), a talented concert violinist and his equally gifted athlete daughter Laura (JamieLynn Bucci).  Throughout their lives John Starr’s love of music and his daughter Laura’s passion for basketball are at odds, but thankfully they have the spirit of modernist composer Charles Ives (Robert Ball) to play referee.

“It’s impossible to experience this beautiful story without being touched in some way,” said Director Jessica Walck , TNP’s Associate Artistic Director. Walck is known for her acclaimed direction of the thought provoking and moving These Shining Lives in TNP’s 2017 season. “Having a father is something universal to all of us and yet we have so few opportunities through the arts to reflect on how truly life-changing that relationship is for us. Whether we are rebelling against them or yearning for their admiration, they shape who we are. That is something worth exploring, and Charles Ives Take Me Home does that with exceptional fluency.”

Charles Ives Take Me Home is a story told with a lightness that will have you laughing at one moment and moved in another, but it is one that will stay with you long after you leave the theatre. That may be because stories about father-daughter relationships are sparse or it may be Dickey’s gift for storytelling that includes using music to tell a story, and in this case the music of modernist composer Charles Ives. Ive’s passion for music and ability to perceive what exists between the obvious is the perfect addition to Dickey’s storytelling. Fathers impact their daughters lives as much through words unsaid than those expressed. A lifetime filled with the complex push and pull of John and Laura’s relationship, is articulated fluidly through the cadence of the dribbling of a basketball and the sometimes soothing and other times energizing or agitating sound of the violin.

Charles Ives musical compositions, though completely unique and unlike any of his time are considered some of the most important musical influences in the 20th century. Perhaps that is why Dickey included Ives music in this deeply layered play. His music was complex, sometimes confusing but in the end profoundly influential, just like the father-daughter relationship of John and Laura Starr explored in Charles Ives Take Me Home. “One thing I am certain of is that, if I have done anything good in music, it was, first, because of my father, and second, because of my wife,” said Ives.

This heartfelt ode to father and daughters is a celebration of joy, family, art, love and what it means to be home. Charles Ives Take Me Home is a play to be experienced by all and if possible, shared with those who have had a meaningful influence on your life.

Charles Ives Take Me Home is sponsored by Gulf Coast International Properties and The Arlington Naples. Performances of Charles Ives Take Me Home are January 17 – February 11, 2018. Tickets are $40 for adults, $35 for subscribers and $10 for students and educators. Performances are Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7:30pm, Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00pm and Sundays at 2:00pm. For tickets and more information visit www.naplesplayers.org or call (239) 263-7990. Upcoming shows include Gina Gionfriddo’s smart and scathing Rapture, Blister, Burn, February 7 – March 4 and Meredith Willson’s family friendly musical The Music Man, March 7 – April 8, 2018. The Naples Players’ offer a season full of great shows and theatre classes for adults and youth.

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