ACT! Advanced Conservatory for Teens (Summer)

Acting for Autism Spectrum Disorder/Sensory Processing Disorder
March 14, 2017
Acting for Film with Katie Cross
March 23, 2017

ACT! Advanced Conservatory for Teens (Summer)

Event Phone: Education, 239-434-7340 ext. 127

  • ACT! Advanced Conservatory for Teens (Summer) Session 1
    November 16, 2017 - January 25, 2018
    11:30 am - 2:30 pm

Advanced Conservatory is a new curriculum-based KidzAct program taught by the staff and guest artists of TNP.  Conservatory is designed for Middle and High School students who would like to further develop their theatre skills beyond performance based experience.  The small class sizes allow for personalized and professional instruction for each student.  Daily core classes in acting, voice, and movement are emphasized along with specialized instruction in multiple disciplines that support the core skills.  Along with performance classes, all students will receive backstage access to learn about the technical elements of theatre to create well-rounded artists.

Advanced Conservatory is for students who have completed one or more KidzAct Classes.

Be sure to download, fill out, and submit the KidzAct Release Form:

KidzAct Release Form

This covers Emergency Contacts, Hold Harmless, Rules & Policies, Marketing Release, and Drop Off & Pick Up.  It is vital to have this information complete and turned in by the first day of class.


Acting is Doing – Jessica Walck – Learning how to be genuine and truthful on stage is where it all begins.  In this intermediate/advanced acting course, students will learn through monologues and scene work how to bring truth to their acting.  This class is an intensive workout for the actor where they will become more comfortable preforming as they understand what drives their character.
Materials Required — three ring binder, notebook, and pencil

Voice for Musical Theatre – Charles Fornara – In a masterclass setting, students will participate in this intensive conservatory class will receive independent coaching and feedback in audition repertoire as well as refining certain skills necessary in participating in musicals as a cast member.  Sight-reading and harmony holding will be explored, and all facets of “the audition” will be addressed, reviewed, and polished.
Materials Required — three ring binder, notebook, pencil, and double-sided sheet music for at least two audition-ready songs

Dance for Musical Theatre – Dawn Lebrecht Fornara – Students will participate in this comprehensive conservatory class will be exposed to many different dance styles featured in musical theatre.  Through the choreography of iconic and lesser-known numbers from Broadway shows, as well as significant work on technique and terminology, students will improve their dance skills, physicality, and confidence.
Material Required — tap shoes, jazz shoes, movement clothes, a three ring binder for hand outs, pencil, and a notebook


Acting for Film & TV – Katie Cross – Learn how to adapt your acting skills from stage to the screen.
Improv – Craig Price & Mike Santos – Incorporate the “Yes, and…” philosophy into stage work and life through classic games and improv settings.  Students can ear a spot on the Stage 2 opening squad.
Director’s Lab – Bryce Alexander – Being a good performer means understanding every part of the Artistic Process. This segment will focus on creating movement, the director’s process, and helping actor’s explore their own artistry.
Movement & Combat – Cole Butcher – Students will work on the mechanics of movement beyond dance as they explore techniques in Fitzmaurice, Laban, and stage combat.
College Prep for the Performing Arts – Staff of TNP – Work closely with the staff of TNP as they take students through all the do’s and don’ts of applying to a Performing Arts University.  Topics covered include resume writing, monologues, song choice, filming and submitting videos, and interview skills.


Scenic Design – Mike Santos & Chase Lilienthal – Learn the basics of scenic design including how to read ground plans and elevations, as well as perspective, color, texture, and concept.
Costume Design – Dot Auchmoody & Mary Wallace – The costume can bring a character to life.  Students will view the process of costume design from concept to construction to the final product.
Lighting Design – Craig Walck – Join Craig as he illuminates the world of lighting design through stage demonstrations of color, texture, angles, and intensity.
Sound Design – Bradley Van Houten – Listen in as Brad explains the abstract art of sound design by playing examples from past and present shows.
Prop Design – Esther Snyder – The secret world of props will show students how to get the right one, where they come from, and ensuring they last for the entire show!
Stage Management – Cole Butcher – This quick peek into stage management will show students the basics of running a show from rehearsal to performance.

June Session 1: June 4 – 29
July Session 2: July 9 – August 3