Etc…Readers Theatre

The Focus is on the Written Word

Etc...Readers Theatre

Join us in our Tobye Studio to see art performed with scripts in-hand and without props or costumes.

Join us in our intimate Tobye Studio for a chance to see a series of original one-act plays, daring dramas, and classic works performed with scripts in hand and without props or costumes. The focus is on the written word! Join us for an intimate but relaxed evening of play readings.

Etc… is a perfect venue for new playwrights, budding directors, and actors who prefer a lower-stress environment. If you are interested in Reading, Directing, or Playwriting for Etc…, contact Jessica Walck – Curator of the Etc… Readers Theatre program – by emailing or calling her at 239-434-7340 ext. 101.

One-Act Play Competition

ETC…Readers Theatre is now accepting original one-act scripts for its 15th Annual Evening of New Plays contest. In addition to having their play cast and performed at TNP’s Evening of New Plays on, Sunday, January 20, 2019; 7:00pm, finalists will each receive a performance royalty, memorial plaque, and a ticket to TNP’s Evening of New Plays. Deadline for submission is July 31, 2018. Winners will be notified by October 31, 2018.
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