Godspell, Jr.

Boasting a score with chart topping songs, Godspell JR. is a sensation that continues to touch audiences with its comedic timing, range of music styles, and heartwarming message about love, tolerance, and kindness. A group of disciples help Jesus Christ tell different...


Sylvia is a hilarious and heartwarming story about Greg and Kate, who move to Manhattan as Greg transitions into retirement. Greg meets Sylvia, a street-smart poodle mix, in Central Park and brings her home to Kate – causing chaos, hilarity, and asking the...

Newsies, Jr.

The JR. cast is children and teens, ages 9-14. Seize the Day with Disney’s rousing musical that has thrilled and inspired young people for generations.

Dear Edwina JR.

Welcome to Paw Paw, Michigan where thirteen-year-old problem solver, Edwina Spoonapple, dishes out advice with the help of her friends and a little song and dance.

Blithe Spirit

This smash comedy hit offers up a fussy, cantankerous, and spiritual skeptic in Charles Condomine. But Charles’ spiritual skepticism vanishes when the ghost of his deceased first wife, Elvira, accidentally materializes—but only to him. Elvira’s still in love and wants Charles back, and is not about to let a little thing like death stand in her way! From the delightfully wicked mind of Noël Coward comes Blithe Spirit, where love and marriage devolve into laughter and mayhem – and ‘Till Death Do Us Part’ no longer applies.