Tech for Teens


Tech for Teens

Our program offers students a hands-on experience behind the scenes!

Welcome to Tech for Teens!  These courses are designed for those students who want to explore the backstage elements of the theatre.  Working with the professional team at The Naples Players, students will get a hands-on experience while helping to mount TNP’s productions.

Available Courses

For more information on getting involved in the Scenic world, call Cole Butcher (239) 434-7340 ext. 125.  Below are example classes of what you will learn in the Scene Shop.

Faux Painting: Technique & Texture
Learn the simple painting techniques for the stage (scumble, dry-brush, spattering, etc…).  Students will participate in the magic of theatre painting and how to implement them into a design.

Color Mixing Paint Class
Learn the basic elements of color, stage painting, and design.  This class is all about color theory and learning how to identify and mix colors using paint and tint.  Students will mix, dye, and paint in an in-depth class about the colors of paradise.

Carpentry 101
18+ Only
Learn the basics of construction, the tools involved, safety, and how to read a theatrical ground plan.  Get your hands working to help mount TNP’s spectacular sets, all while learning a valuable trade.  Closed toed shoes are required for this class.

For more information on getting involved in the Costuming world, call Cole Butcher (239) 434-7340 ext. 125. Below are example classes of what you will learn in the Costume Shop.

Sewing Machine Basics
Ever wanted to learn how to sew or hone your skills? Drop in on this one-on-one class where Dot and Mary will show you the ins and outs of machine sewing and surging. No pressure or deadlines, just easy and fun sewing!

Pattern Drafting
Aren’t the dresses from My Fair Lady lover-ly? Learn how to size up these iconic vintage patterns from the era of Eliza Doolittle! Work with Mary in a hands-on class to upscale these classic looks to fit any body. These rare patterns are important in maintaining the look and feel of a period for a show. Using basic math to size up these patterns will ensure their use not only in the spring for My Fair Lady, but for future productions.

For more information on getting involved in the Lighting world, call Cole Butcher (239) 434-7340 ext. 125. Below are example classes of what you will learn in the Lighting Department.

Electrics Are Easy!
This course illuminates the world of electrics. Join TNP’s Master Electrician and Resident Lighting Designer for an in depth look at components of different lighting instruments, gels, and hanging and focusing. Students will work hands-on with the tools used to create the abstract art of light for the Tobye shows. Pick one day or multiple to learn how electrics are easy!

Lighting Design
Time Stands Still Tech (4)This area of technical theater is best learned with hands-on experience. Join Craig Walck, TNP’s resident Lighting Designer and learn from start to finish what it takes to design a show. Includes color theory, light placement, mood, time, place, and creating a lighting plot. Without light actors would be in the dark!

For more information on getting involved in the world of Sound, call Cole Butcher (239) 434-7340 ext. 125. Below are example classes of what you will learn in the Sound Department.

Audio Engineering
This course is to expose participants to the equipment used in various theatrical sound situations and its operation, as well as discussing the artistic use of this equipment. The operation and use of equipment will include: Digital sound console basics, wireless microphone set-up and use, basics of EQing a mic, microphone types and uses, the fundamentals of QLab, and utilizing sound effects through speaker placement.

Sound Design
A course in the design of theatrical sound and in the practical application of those designs to the stage. Course will include the fundamentals of sound design for traditional plays versus musicals. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the sound design process from the first reading of a script through the implementation of sound effects in a show.

For more information on getting involved in the Prop world, call Cole Butcher (239) 434-7340 ext. 125. Below are example classes of what you will learn in the Prop Shop.

Props 101
Looking to be involved in a production without having to audition? Don’t want to spend all those evening working crew? Do you like arts and crafts? Give props a try! This introductory class will provide an extensive overview of the process from play assignment to strike. We will cover how to research, get organized, and utilize available resources. Through discussion, hands-on examples, and visual aides, you will learn the importance of providing the right props for the actor.

Participants who successfully complete this course, who are over the age of 18, may be eligible for contract stage management positions, for both musicals and plays, starting the following season.

Stage Management

This comprehensive course requires attendance at seven (7) sessions and offers an additional five (5) optional sessions. Class 1 (9/17 1p-4p), in a classroom setting, addresses the Pre-Production process and details the upcoming sessions. Classes 2-6 provide hands on experiences, in various rehearsal or performance spaces, to learn taping the floor, blocking rehearsals, making line notes, managing cue to cue rehearsals, and calling the show. Class 7 (12/10 11a-1p) returns to the classroom for Post-Production. Optional sessions include paper tech, dry tech and tech/dress.

For more information on Professional Development, call Cole Butcher (239) 434-7340 ext. 125. Below are examples of what you will learn in these college/life prep courses.

Resume/Cover Letter Workshop

A fantastic resume and cover letter is the key, not only in theatre, but also for every job, in securing that first interview. Join TNP’s Production Stage Manager, Cole Butcher, in this two-session workshop teaching you how to build a resume and cover letter, from the sharp-looking, streamlined business standard to the creative theatre style. We will discuss branding, style, grammar, and format to help you get the perfect resume!

Interviewing: Tricks Of The Trade
Just as actors need to prep a monologue for an audition, every student should prep how to do an interview. First impressions are key! In this workshop students will learn how to compose themselves, dressing tips, and eloquence in order to nail not just that first interview, but every interview after.

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