Life Members

The Naples Players Life Members (from 1953-2014, unless otherwise indicated):

Patrick Ashton
Jay Baker
Patty Baker
Dorothy Bednar*
Theresa Bill
Janina Birtolo
Richard Blackburn*
Lois Blackburn*
Jeanne Boughner*
Mrs. Laurence Brown*
Ernest Burton*
Mrs. Ernest Burton*
G.E. Carrol
Ralph Carrothers
John Cashman
Mrs. John Cashman
Robert Coe
Mrs. Robert Coe
Aaron Feder*
Edith Feder*
William Flynn*
Nell Flynn
Mrs. Frances Ford
Bob Garnett*
Debi Garnett
Carla Grieve
Frances Pew Hayes*
Donald Helton
Bob Hill
Ann Hoover
Denny Hoover
Gloria Ingleman
David C. Jones
Mrs. David C. Jones
Leonard Latham
Mrs. Leonard Latham
Erin Laughlin
Frank Lualdi*
Mrs. Frank Lualdi*
Charles R. McCool
Michael McNees
Ira Mogul
Connie Moser
Paul Muenzer*
William G. Pace, Jr.
Benjamin Parks
Mrs. Benjamin Parks
Charles Pleasance
Margaret Pleasance*
Carol Pulling
Chris Rideoutte
James Rideoutte
Wynne Ridgway
Mrs. Mason Scudder
John Sorey, III
Edna F. Springer*
Herbert Sugden*
Margaret Sugden*
Ingar T. Tobye
Susan Tobye*
Michael Troop
Elsie D. Upham
David V. Veenschoten*
Jeanne D. Veenschoten*
Ray Waln, Jr.
Virginia Waln
Mary Watkins
Marguerite Watson-Beatty
Mrs. Stanley White
Carole Fenstermacher (2015)
Delores Sorey, Mark Vanagas (2016)
Ted DeGroot (2017)


(* = deceased)

If there are any errors, please contact Esther Snyder at or 239-434-7340 ext. 105 and they will be corrected.

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