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Members of The Naples Players (TNP) are a foundational part of our TNP family and an integral part of making our quality productions possible. In addition to discounts and perks, members play an important role in shaping the future of TNP. Please review the Membership Benefits document for a full list of perks, which includes discounts on tickets and classes, and more! Please join our membership to help the community grow. Membership is only $35 annually!

Questions about membership and volunteering? Call Esther at (239) 434-7340 ext. 105; and find the membership application below!

In recognition for their dedication

Our Members

Terry Abraham-Whalley
Dorothy Allard
Kelly Altemier
Jo Ellen Atkinson
Shirlee Barcic
Susan Bartos
David Beadle
Donna Becker
Len Becker
Susan Becker
Ed Belling
Allan & Beverly Bercaw
Tammy Bibler
Maximus Bogert^
Samantha Bogert
Stacey Boisvert
Maggie Boswell^
John Boyer
Rhonda Brazina
Diane & Richard Breithaupt
Diana Brewer
Jo Beth Brown
Dede Brownlee
Kevin Buja
Patricia Bush
Cole Butcher
Barbara & David Caldwell
John & Linda Cardillo
Hildegard Carney
Patti Caroli
Vic Caroli
Kaitlyn Casimir^
Mr. & Mrs. Chwierut
Carol Clarke
Ian Cocklin
Ellen Cooper
Mr. & Mrs. Corriero
Dean Corrow
Jillian Cossetta^
Veronica Cossetta
Margo Crupi Beadle
Aldo D’Acunzo
Frank Scott Davis
Rhonda Davis
Pat DeGroot
Clement DeLuca
Loretta DeLuca
Patrica Devine
Ethel Dosso
John Dryden
Don & Dorothy Eden
Louise Eliot
Diane Elliott
Molly Eovino
Lori Ersolmaz
Rachel Ewy
Edwin Ezrine
Karen Ezrine
Lucia Fallo
Lisa Federico
Francis Fee
Joe Femia
Moira Fennessey
Carole Fenstermacher
Patti Ferguson
Linda Fikes
John & Toni Foerch
Ronald Fowle
Stephanie Fowle
Carol Fox
Paolo Frizza
James & Diane Gargiulo
Debi Garnett
Denny Glass
Maier Goldberg
Shelley Gothard
Robin Bache Gray

Cynthia Haas
Candace Haddad
Elaine Hankin
Laura Hansen Reynolds
Karen Harmon
Barbara Harris
Tammy Harris
Deane Hawkins
Agnes Hazen
Laurie Heaver
Andy Heck
Bonnie Heck
Timothy Higgins
Marilyn Hilbert
Cynthia Hile
Jack Houton
Kenny Howard
Ruth Hubing
Carol & Michael Hunt
Natalie Jimenez^
Joann Johnson
Kip Jones
Randall Jones
Russell Jones
Evelyn Kasper
Sandra Keeler
Paula Keenan
Debron Keller-McCartney
Dennis & Theresa Kelly
Janis Kelly
Kevin Kenneally
Natalie King
Sally & George King
Bonnie Knapp
Joan & William Koenig
Melanie Kover
Jill Lane
John Lane
Erin Laughlin
Joan Laughlin
Phyllis Lazear
Pamela Leger
Richard & Laura Lehrich
Riley Letendre^
Terry Libby
Isabella Loiacono
Joseph Loiacono
E. J. LoPresti
Paul LoPresti
Russel Loyet
Margaret Mackenzie
Ray Marasco
Harry McCartney
Claire McKinney
Joanne McKowen
Robert Milewski
Dan Miller
Darlene Miller
Debera Millstein
Linda Mizeur
Nancy Moffatt
Fred Monschein
Sara Monschein
Peggy Monson
Jackie Morelisse
Frank Morgan
Joseph & Krys Mortellaro
Bill & Faye Moss
Catherine Moukios
Mailei Murphy
Beverly Newton
Richard & Diane Norwood

Alan & Ann Olson
Eric Olson
Michael Orlandi
Nora Ousley
Paige Parisi
Richard Parker
Susan Parker
Carol Pedretti
Deborah Peery
Patricia Pollok
Paul Polomsky
Henry Price
Steve Purcell
Dee Rannow
Jerry Rannow
Sue Rapanos
Philip & Jeanne Reid
Eileen Reynolds
Dwight Richardson
George & Carol Rogers
Kathy Rogers
Linda Russell-Thorne
Robert Saltarelli
Leslie Sanderson
Judith Gangi Santos
Sophie Sawyer^
Susan Kay Sawyer
Nancy Schechter
Rich Schneeberg
Judy Scribner
Anna Segreto
Max Seifert
Bill Shade
Claire Skinner
Kathleen Slebodnik
Carol Smith
Jeff Smith
Judy Smith
Jean Snyder
Rob Soja
Cindi Spanier
Susan Suarez
Peter & Janet Swinburn
Janice Thomson
Debra Thurston
Bob Uek
Gerald Vancina
Perry Ventro
Linda Ann Ventura
Carri Wagner
Brian & Tami Walker
Joan Weber
Gabriele Weger
Jack Weld
Linda Wertheim
Kenneth Wetcher
David Whalley
Mimi Whitlock
Gigi Wietecha
Ronald Wietecha
Deborah Williams
Mary Yacobian
Dominic Young^


(* = deceased, ^ = Student Member)

Updated June 1, 2019

The Life Member Award is the highest recognition The Naples Players bestows upon a member.  It is given to an individual who has served the organization ten years or more, who has volunteered 2000 hours or more, and who has served consistently above and beyond the call of duty.

From 1953-2019, unless otherwise indicated:

Patrick Ashton
Jay Baker
Patty Baker
Joel Banow (2019)
Dorothy Bednar*
Theresa Bill
Janina Birtolo
Richard Blackburn*
Lois Blackburn*
Jeanne Boughner*
Mrs. Laurence Brown*
Ernest Burton*
Mrs. Ernest Burton*
G.E. Carrol
Ralph Carrothers*
John Cashman
Mrs. John Cashman
Robert Coe
Mrs. Robert Coe
Ted DeGroot (2017)
Aaron Feder*
Edith Feder*
Carol Fenstermacher (2015)
William Flynn*
Nell Flynn
Mrs. Frances Ford
Bob Garnett*
Debi Garnett

Carla Grieve
Frances Pew Hayes*
Donald Helton
Bob Hill*
Ann Hoover
Denny Hoover
Gloria Ingleman*
David C. Jones
Mrs. David C. Jones
Leonard Latham
Mrs. Leonard Latham
Erin Laughlin
Frank Lualdi*
Mrs. Frank Lualdi*
Charles R. McCool
Michael McNees
Ira Mogul*
Connie Moser
Paul Muenzer*
William G. Pace, Jr.
Benjamin Parks*
Mrs. Benjamin Parks
Charles Pleasance*
Margaret Pleasance*
Carol Pulling
Chris Rideoutte
James Rideoutte
Annie Rosemond (2019)

Wynne Ridgway
Mrs. Mason Scudder
Winnie Smyth (2018)
Delores Sorey (2016)
John Sorey, III
Edna F. Springer*
Herbert Sugden*
Margaret Sugden*
Ingar T. Tobye
Susan Tobye*
Michael Troop
Elsie D. Upham
Mark Vanagas (2016)
David V. Veenschoten*
Jeanne D. Veenschoten*
Ray Waln, Jr.*
Virginia Waln
Mary Watkins
Marguerite Watson-Beatty
Mrs. Stanley White

(* = deceased)

Recipients of the Edna F. Springer Unsung Member Award

The late Edna Springer established The Unsung Member Award in 1998.  She set aside funds at the Community Foundation to cover the costs of maintaining a suitable wall plaque.  She selected the recipients herself until she was nearing her 100th birthday, at which time it became the responsibility of the Membership Committee to select a recipient.  In Edna’s initial instructions she had said the Board would select the recipient, but it made more sense for the Membership Committee to take the responsibility.

These instructions are transcribed from Edna’s handwritten notes:

“A Member (or members) should be selected by the Board, and I sincerely hope my wishes will be followed.  1.  Give the Award to an unpaid individual whose sustained effort over the years has given countless hours of talent and originality to many productions aside from acting.  2. An unpaid member who inspires new members to work and copy his/her good will and camaraderie.  A member worthy of being remembered for years.”

1998: Ted Tobye, Pat Ashton, Bill Flynn*
1999: Edith* and Aaron Feder*
2000: Ellen Smith, Bernadette White, Ron Bender
2001: Ray and Joan LeGrand, Viv and Brian Stuart, Bob Garnett*
2002: Theresa Bill, Ron Cabana, Denny Hoover
2003: Erin Laughlin, Dave Truman, Mike McNees
2004: Dolores Fetters, Art Krieger, Michael Troop
2005: Lee Eiler*, Robin Davis
2006: Gloria Ingleman*
2007: Mary C. Jones, Greg Spina
2008: Mary and Rich Taylor
2009: Winnie Smyth
2011: Annie Rosemond
2012: Tom Fioretti*
2013: Dee Betcher
2014: Danna Pagliano*, Jeff Smith
2015: Sid Davis
2016: Suzanne Goudeau
2017: William Morrison
2018: Hildegard Carney
2019: Kevin Buja

(* = deceased)

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