Life Members

The Life Member Award is the highest recognition The Naples Players bestows upon a member. It is given to an individual who has served the organization ten years or more, who has volunteered 2000 hours or more, and who has served consistently above and beyond the call of duty.

The Naples Players Life Members (from 1953-2014, unless otherwise indicated):

Patrick Ashton
Jay Baker
Patty Baker
Dorothy Bednar*
Theresa Bill
Janina Birtolo
Richard Blackburn*
Lois Blackburn*
Jeanne Boughner*
Mrs. Laurence Brown*
Ernest Burton*
Mrs. Ernest Burton*
G.E. Carrol
Ralph Carrothers
John Cashman
Mrs. John Cashman
Robert Coe
Mrs. Robert Coe
Aaron Feder*
Edith Feder*
William Flynn*
Nell Flynn
Mrs. Frances Ford
Bob Garnett*
Debi Garnett
Carla Grieve
Frances Pew Hayes*
Donald Helton
Bob Hill
Ann Hoover
Denny Hoover
Gloria Ingleman
David C. Jones
Mrs. David C. Jones
Leonard Latham
Mrs. Leonard Latham
Erin Laughlin
Frank Lualdi*
Mrs. Frank Lualdi*
Charles R. McCool
Michael McNees
Ira Mogul
Connie Moser
Paul Muenzer*
William G. Pace, Jr.
Benjamin Parks
Mrs. Benjamin Parks
Charles Pleasance
Margaret Pleasance*
Carol Pulling
Chris Rideoutte
James Rideoutte
Wynne Ridgway
Mrs. Mason Scudder
John Sorey, III
Edna F. Springer*
Herbert Sugden*
Margaret Sugden*
Ingar T. Tobye
Susan Tobye*
Michael Troop
Elsie D. Upham
David V. Veenschoten*
Jeanne D. Veenschoten*
Ray Waln, Jr.
Virginia Waln
Mary Watkins
Marguerite Watson-Beatty
Mrs. Stanley White
Carole Fenstermacher (2015)
Delores Sorey, Mark Vanagas (2016)
Ted DeGroot (2017)


(* = deceased)

If there are any errors, please contact Esther Snyder at or 239-434-7340 ext. 105 and they will be corrected.