Sensory Friendly Performances

The Naples Players 2019-2020

Sensory Friendly Performances

We are delighted to be the first theatre in Naples to offer Sensory Friendly Performances for the comfort and enjoyment of all members of our community!

The Naples Players will provide sensory screenings for three of its most exciting, family-friendly performances. Special pricing of $20 for adult tickets and $10 for student/educator tickets makes Sensory Friendly performances affordable for families.

Mamma Mia! (July 09, 2019)
She Loves Me (December 17, 2019)
Bye Bye Birdie (March 31, 2020)

As sensory-friendly screenings become more common in local movie theatres and even on Broadway, The Naples Players is proud to participate in this national shift towards making it possible for individuals with special needs and their families to experience the same quality theatre as everyone else. Our past two years have been so successful we are including three performances in our 66th Season.

  • Parent of daughter with SPD
    Thank you to The Naples Players for providing us with a 'no judge' zone, where we can go as a family and enjoy something that we feel we would not have been able to do."
    Parent of daughter with SPD
    Miracle on 34th Street - December 2017



(Family friendly)

Sensory Friendly Performance Tuesday, July 9, 2019; 7:30pm
Tickets: $20 adults, $10 students and educators
Call the Box Office: (239) 263-7990 (tickets are not available online)
ABBA’s Smash Hit Musical! The story-telling magic of ABBA’s timeless songs propels this enchanting tale of love, laughter, and friendship, creating an unforgettable show.


Families can now subscribe to our  Season Sensory Friendly Series. Please contact the box office at 239-263-7990 and request the Sensory Friendly Flex Subscription. Subscribing guarantees seating to our very popular series that sold-out last season. Subscription sales are now open.

Expanding Community Reach

The mission of The Naples Players is to enrich, educate, and entertain our community through a superior theatre experience. We proudly bill ourselves as a “Theatre for the Community” – working to create shared experiences that are impactful in and relevant to southwest Florida, that will generate community conversation and engagement, and that will enrich the lives of those that we encounter.

TNP is nurturing and growing programs to increase access to the theatre for people with special needs. This means not only making sure that people with special needs have the opportunity to see fine theatre, but also to create it themselves. From sensory-friendly screenings to real-world lessons presented through improv, TNP is welcoming this often underserved population into our theatre community.

About Sensory-Friendly Performances

As sensory-friendly screenings become more common in local movie theatres and even on Broadway, we know it is beyond time to expand this practice to our plays and musicals. The Naples Players is proud to participate in the national shift towards making it possible for individuals with special needs and their families to experience the same quality theatre as everyone else.

What are sensory-friendly screenings, and why are they important? For many people with special needs, sensory stimuli are overwhelming and sometimes painful. Tina J Richardson, a woman with autism, describes it well when she writes: “Some things just feel so intense. I’m not over-reacting. My sensory processing is unique to me.” This, coupled with the fact that many people with special needs cannot sit still for long periods of time, makes it difficult for them to attend traditional screenings full of loud noises and strobe lights, and where they are not allowed to move around or make noise.

This can make them and their families uncomfortable in public spaces, especially in cultural performances, where any kind of disruption is often met with judging stares. However, the slight changes introduced in sensory-friendly screenings, can transform the theatre into a place as welcoming and comfortable as their own home.

What to expect at Sensory-Friendly Performances

During these screenings, the house lights remain on during the performance, sound is turned down, movement during the performance is not restricted, and the performance is capped at 50% capacity. In addition, audience members receive a guide to the show that tells them when there might be a sensory trigger so they can prepare themselves in advance. This can make all the difference in opening the doors of the theater to people with special needs.

Special pricing for Sensory Friendly performances help make great theatre affordable for families made possible through a grant from Suncoast Credit Union.

VISIT PREPARATION STORY – CLICK HERE for a multiple page “social story” that provides pictures and a narrative for a visit to the theatre; from parking to exiting.
SENSORY MAP – CLICK HERE  for a simple one-page map, detailing different areas of the building, including quiet zones, restrooms, and more; as well as an introductory letter explaining the etiquette of attending a sensory friendly performance.


Learn more about Sensory Friendly Classes by contacting Education Director, Craig Price at (239) 434-7340, ext. 103 and

Learn more about supporting TNP’s Sensory Friendly performances and programming contact  Bryce Alexander, Executive Artistic Director, at (239) 434-7340, ext. 124 and

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