Unsung Member Award Recipients

Recipients of the Edna F. Springer Unsung Member Award

The late Edna Springer established The Unsung Member Award in 1998.  She set aside funds at the Community Foundation to cover the costs of maintaining a suitable wall plaque.  She selected the recipients herself until she was nearing her 100th birthday, at which time it became the responsibility of the Membership Committee to select a recipient.  In Edna’s initial instructions she had said the Board would select the recipient, but it made more sense for the Membership Committee to take the responsibility.

These instructions are transcribed from Edna’s handwritten notes:

“A Member (or members) should be selected by the Board, and I sincerely hope my wishes will be followed.  1.  Give the Award to an unpaid individual whose sustained effort over the years has given countless hours of talent and originality to many productions aside from acting.  2. An unpaid member who inspires new members to work and copy his/her good will and camaraderie.  A member worthy of being remembered for years.”

1998: Ted Tobye, Pat Ashton, Bill Flynn*
1999: Edith* and Aaron Feder*
2000: Ellen Smith, Bernadette White, Ron Bender
2001: Ray and Joan LeGrand, Viv and Brian Stuart, Bob Garnett*
2002: Theresa Bill, Ron Cabana, Denny Hoover
2003: Erin Laughlin, Dave Truman, Mike McNees
2004: Dolores Fetters, Art Krieger, Michael Troop
2005: Lee Eiler, Robin Davis
2006: Gloria Ingleman
2007: Mary C. Jones, Greg Spina
2008: Mary and Rich Taylor
2009: Winnie Smyth
2011: Annie Rosemond
2012: Tom Fioretti
2013: Dee Betcher
2014: Danna Pagliano*, Jeff Smith
2015: Sid Davis
2016: Suzanne Goudeau
2017: William Morrison


(* = deceased)

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