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Beyond sustaining our programs, TNP Fund donations enable us to aspire for more. From productions that wow our audiences to outreach programs that grow to meet the needs of our community, it is the partnership with our donors that completes the financial resources necessary to fulfill our promise to patrons, students, and the greater community. 

Did you know that revenue from ticket sales is only a portion of what is necessary to operate our programs? TNP Fund gifts are essential to everything we do, and there are several ways you can give:

Ways to Donate

Direct Donations

Give online, donate in person, or contact our Development Director directly to make a one-time donation. If your employer offers a donation matching program, you can extend your gift even farther! Ask your employer today about matching gifts.

Recurring Donations

Break down your donation into monthly payments. You can choose to make a recurring donation via our online giving platform or by contacting us to set up a monthly withdrawal.

Planned Legacy Gifts

Plan now to support TNP for the future. Planned giving options are available through several channels including funds through bequests or wills. Learn more about Legacy Gifts

Major Gifts

Help support a specific project, program or facility need through a major gift. Naming rights, as well as unique opportunities for recognition, are always available. Please contact us to learn about several major gift opportunities currently available.

TNP is also able to accept gifts of stock and electronic funds transfers. Please contact Candace Johnson for more information.

Support TNP


Donations play a critical role in allowing us to present a year filled with spectacular musicals, laugh-out-loud comedies and thoughtful dramas.



Contact Bryce Alexander

CEO & Executive Artistic Director
(239) 434-7340, ext. 124
[email protected]

Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients

THE LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD is presented on the occasion an individual is recognized for such significant contributions that the organization will forever be grateful.

Patrick Ashton
Jay Baker
Patty Baker
Joel Banow
Dorothy Bednar
Theresa Bill
Janina Birtolo
Richard Blackburn
Lois Blackburn
Jeanne Boughner
Alexandra Brown
Ernest Burton
Mrs. Ernest Burton
Hildegard Carney
G.E. Caroll
Ralph Carrothers
John Cashman
Louise Totten Cashman

Robert Coe
Mrs. Robert Coe
Jack Cole
Jim Corsica*
Sid Davis
Louise Eliot
Ted DeGroot
Aaron Feder
Edith Feder
Carole Fenstermacher
William Flynn
Nell Flynn
Mrs. Frances Ford
Bob Garnett
Debi Garnett
Carla Grieve
Francis Pew Hayes
Donald Helton

Bob Hill
Ann Hoover
Denny Hoover
Gloria Ingleman
David C. Jones
Irene C. Jones
Leonard Latham
Mrs. Leonard Latham
Erin Laughlin
Joseph Loiacono
Frank Lualdi
Mrs. Jean Lualdi
Harry McCartney*
Charles R. McCool
Michael McNees
Ira Mogul
Connie Moser
Paul Muenzer

William G. Pace, Jr.
Benjamin Parks
Mrs. Benjamin Parks
Charles Pleasance
Margaret Pleasance
Carol Pulling
Chris Rideoutte
James Rideoutte
Wynne Ridgway
Annie Rosemond
Celia Scudder
Jeff Smith
Winnie Smyth
Delores Sorey
John Sorey, III
Edna F. Springer
Herbert Sugden
Margaret Sugden

Ingar T. Tobye
Susan Tobye
Michael Troop
Elsie D. Upham
Mark Vanagas
David V. Veenschoten
Jeanne D. Veenschoten
Ray Waln, Jr.
Virginia Waln
Mary Watkins
Marguerite Watson-Beatty
Mrs. Stanley White

* 2023 Inductees

Our Donors (May 1, 2022 – April 30, 2023)

The generous and consistent support of our donors is vital to every aspect of programming at The Naples Players. Each year, we gratefully recognize donors whose generosity positively impacted our prior fiscal year. This publication honors donors whose gifts were received between May 1, 2022 and April 30, 2023.


Jay & Patty Baker
Anita & Bill Wright

CHOREOGRAPHER $10,000-$24,999

John & Joanne Fisher
Brooks and Joan Fortune Family Foundation
Sarann & Stanley Kraushaar
Darlene & Mark Miller
Leonard Rosenberg
George Schmidt
Eva Sugden Gomez

DESIGNER $5,000-$9,999

The Betsey Harris Fund
Robert Brady & Kathleen Callahan
Edward H. And Margaret A. Malone Foundation
John & Catherine Estey
Joan T. Loos
Michael E. Orlandi
Beth Petrunoff
David B & Vicky Smith
Nancy Woolf


ENSEMBLE $1,000-$4,999

Alice & Donald Bassett
Linda Biagi
Ted & Lisa Bill
Kathryn Blandford
Victor & Patti Caroli
Ed Cleary
Curvey Family Foundation
Barbara & George Davin
Rhonda Davis & Harvey Fireman
DeVoe Automotive Group
Steven & Shelley Einhorn
Phil Evans & Herbert Kuebler
Lori-Jo A. Fergle
Rosemary Foreman
John Furanna
Susan Gibbons
Patricia T. Girard
Gordon & Sigrid Graves
Nancy Gunn
William & Dot Hagman
Philip Hausler
Sandra Jones
Jeffrey & Judith Kane
Robert and Linda Kohlhepp
Elinor Koury-Waskevich
Sara Lackey
Patricia Leikhim
Joanne & Richard Liddy
Amy Louv
Don M. Lowers
Ray Marasco
Tony & Carolyn Marek
Rand R. Mason
William McCormack & JoAnn Kriger
Peggy & Jim Monson
Alan Morris
Joseph & Krys Mortellaro
Lena Neal
Matthew & Roxann Nolton
Richard & Diane Norwood
Robert Obler
Alan & Ann Olson
Dell & Judy Pooler
Wayne & Toby Press
Robert Rath
Philip & Jeanne Reid
Dwight Richardson
James T. Rideoutte
Gary & Janet Root
Martha Rozman
Patricia T. Rutzler
Michael Schwerdtman
Jim & Eileen Smith Fund
Marcia Smith & Ken Andrichik
Thomas & Jeanne Sween
Andrea Tack
Joan & John Talano
Mary Ann Tittle
Vicki Tracy
Robert & Mary Uek
Richard & Janet Uhlig
Anthony Venezia
Bruce Wiegand
Marilyn Witcher

​PROMOTER $500-$999

Fred & Jean Acker
Susan Armstrong
Brit & Marilyn Bartter
Magda Bennecke
George & Karen Biernesser
Shideh Bina
Leslie Blumberg & Susanne Kuhn
Robert & Clarice Camp
Linda Benedict Colvin
Jacqueline & Morton Corn
James Corsica
Ted & Pat DeGroot
John & Mayda Domenie
Jane Enos
Carole Fenstermacher
Suzette Fernandes
Logan Fine
Rick Flora
Sandra Frost
Suzanne Goudeau
Carla Grieve
Linda Hall
Timothy P. Higgins & F. Scott Davis
Mana P. Holtz
Judythe & Martin Isserlis
David Kane
Edward & Bonnie Kant
Kevin C. Kenneally
Sandra Kilmon
George & Patricia Kraus
Patricia Kraus
Regina Kunkle
Terry Kurth
Judith Liebler
Charles L. Marshall Jr. & Richard L. Tooke
Blaise Mauro
Scott & Mary McCartan
Deborah Miesel
Colleen M. Murphy
Marcia O’Meara
Christine Paddock
Jerrold & Saundra Parker
Steven Pliskow
Patricia & John Pollok
Karlene Putnam
Sue Rapanos
Arlene & Terry Riegel
Mike Robinson
George & Carol Rogers
Cynthia Ruddy
Nina & Frank Scott
Judy Scribner
Bruce & Lois Selfon
Richard Selvala
Patricia Sherry
Pete & Sandi Spilotro
Edna F. Springer Fund
John & Judith Stang
Dianne Thornton
Alice Van Hoesen
Peter Vetowich
Robert & Nancy Walkenhorst
Cindy Weirman
Geoffrey Wozny
Nathan and Joan Zuckerman

SUSTAINER $250-$499 

Elaine & Robert Ackley
Dorothy Allard
Lynn Andreini
Mary Aronin
Jerome & Myra Barron
Anthony & Maryanne Beirne
Georgette Bernier & Norm Glover
Donald & Linda Blauvelt
Andrea Bramante
Edward & Yvonne Brandt
Rebecca Casagrande
Lorry Cipriano
John & Caryl Corbett
Nancy Cross
Deborah Dagit
Mary Dix
Douglas Duba
Glen Engelmann
Susan Feinthel
John & Shawn Fiore
Robert Forbes
Todd Fournier
Anne Girod
Joan Gorman
George & Mary Gould
William Handworth
Patti & James Holden
Joanne Huskey
Alan & Liz Jaffe
Russell Jones
Sandra Jones
Patricia Knipper
Dennis C. Kois Sr.
Judith H. Konen
Jan Lacy
John & Daniela Leone
Terry Libby & Larry Siegel
Marilyn Marino
Stephanie R. Martin
Roger Marx
James Merrifield
Margaret Mongiello
Donna Musilli
Renate E. Paret
Sharon Poole
Natasha Rigsby
Donna Robbins
Joseph Rocco
Bill & Carol Rohde
Patricia Salmon
Sheila Schultz
William & Susan Shipman
Ed Simon
William & Judith Smith
Edna Frantz Springer Award for Unsung Members Fund
John and Diane Sweeney
Beverly Tassinari
Linda Van Houten
Tom Wilson

up to $249 cont’d

Maryann Adams
Christine Agri
Louis & Michelle Albenga
John Allen
Kelly Altemier
Keith Alter
Annie Ames
John & Sharon Aragona
Denise Avagliano
Kathleen Azzariti
Bruce Baggaley
Maryjane & Charles Bainbridge
Aisha N. Baker
Dolores Ballou
Charles and Karen Bang
Joel & Arlene Banow
Sharon & Tom Baranowski
Mary Lou Barnett
Joyce Bartholomew
Robert & Shirley Bassin
David Beadle & Margo Crupi
Stephanie Bean
Suzanne Beck
Jessica Bede
Greg Bell
Doug Bennett
Jodee Bennett
John Berger
Paul Bernhardt
Shirley Berry
Janet Bertram
Laurie Biagetti
Maryann Bianchi
Robert Bigart
Melina Bilic
Jayme M. Bird
Janina & Kal Birtolo
Christina Blake
Susan Blake
Karen Bollinger
Mary Anne Bond
Linda M. Boschetti
David Bosley
William Brandt
Rosalie Brao
Margaret Brennan
Pamela Brooke
Joyce Brownlee
Dale R. Buckner
Collette Burd
Gary Burls
Anthony & Bea Busa
Steve Buth
Maxine Byrne
Cynthia Cairney
Sherlay Cajuste
Bruna & Maurizio Callari
Deborah & Jeff Campbell
Eugene Capobianco
Margaret Cardillo
Heather Carelock
Linda Carlsson
James A. Carr
Barbara Cash
Mary Cernauskas
Nancy Champness
Cheryl Chapman
Janice Chartoff
Cindy K. Chavanne
Sandra Chimenti
Kathryn Christiansen
Jamie Cimino
Wayne Cimons
David Citrin
Monica Cobuzio
Edwin Cohen
Jacqueline Colaneri
Kelly Coleman
Timothy Colligan
Kenneth Commette
Debbie Compagnoni
Connie Connor
Joy Corapi
Francene Cordes
Steven & Deborah Corey
John Craun
Linda Cregan
Michael Cronin
Lisa Crum
Theressa Curley
Aldo & Leslie D’Acunzo
Ann Daly & Francis Trombly
Robert & Pamela D’Amore
Mary Danis
Kathleen Dasilva
Shirley Davenport
Michael & Sharon Davidian
Diane & Sid Davis
Edith C Davis
Patti Davis
Claudia Dean
Will DeBella
Elinor Deininger
Dianne Delaurier
Charles Dellacroce
Clement & Loretta DeLuca
Roger Denhart
L.A. DeRiggi
Sherrian Dewitt
Dolores & Manny Di Teresi
Peter DiFonzo
Karen Dinicola
Janet Dinsmore
Carol Dlouhy
Danielle Dodder
Cara Doeringer
William Donahue
Maralee & Philip Douglas
Janis Drissel
Edward Drosdick
Stuart Ducker III
James Duggan
Gail Duke
David J. Eastaugh
JoAnne Egan
Karen K Erikson
Franklin Ernst
Kerri Ervin
Jon Estes
Ashley Estrada
Kathleen Eyerman
Karen & Ed Ezrine
Faye Fairweather
Lucia A. Fallo
James Farese
Carmen Farr
John & Carol Fee
Moira Fennessey
Ruth Ferreira
Joseph Ferro
Alayna J. Filliman
Beth Finn
Patricia Flock
Donna J. Fontana
Claire R. Fox
Catherine J. Francis
Mitch Frank & Betsy Greenblatt
Anthony F. Fransway
Nancy Frey
Louise Friedlander
Christopher Friot
Calvin Fritz
Joseph Fusco
Lynn Gabel
Gary C. Galia
John Garuti
Sharon Gayoso
Sharon & Guy Genin
Peni Gensler
Daniel & Theresa Gersbach
Lawrence Gibbs
Kathleen Gilhuley
Ralph Gillhooley
Georgianna Gimbel
Rita Girondi
Katherine Goetzmann
Diane Goldstein
Yolanda Gonzalez Reyes
Christine Goss
Shelley Gothard
Michelle Grau
David Greenberg
Maree Gregoire
Paul L. Gutierrez
Kimberly Haberkorn
Donna R. Haggett
Heidi Hajna
Isabel Hamro
Cheryl Handte
Gertrude Hanes
Alyssa Lee Haney
John P. Hannon
Edward & Kathryn Hardig
Bernice Harmyk
Peri Harris
Martin Harrison
Sharon Harrison
Renee & Robert Hatlelid
Regina Heldreth
Kevin Hennessy
Judy A. Herzog
Maureen Hickey
Cynthia Hile
Robin Hill
Bowdry & Jean Hoffman
Barbara L. Hogan
John F. Houton
Diane Howard
Michael Howren
Barbara Huber
Betty Hughes
Madison Hunt
Sharon L. Hunter
Debbie R. Iamarino
Martha Iazzetti
Gary Injaian
David G. Ireland
Joseph and Jo Anne Irene
John Irvine
Sherri Jablon
Judith G. Jacobs
Ronald Janus
Pat & Steve Jean
Reem Jishi
Cindy Johns
Candace Johnson
Craig C. Johnson
Charles Johnston
Denise Kaminsky
Gyl Kasewurm
Joanne Katski
Pamela E Kaufman
Paula & Randal Keenan
Jillian Keith
Marcia M. Kelley
Barbara Kenty
Renee & Brian Keon
Jeffrey G. Key
Helle Kiiss
William Kiley
Sally & George King
Peter Klein
Richard B Klein
Bruce R. Knipe
David Kolde
Alicia B. Konert
Abe Koss
Sandra & Kim Kostere
Darlene Kostner
Lisa Kotler
Melanie Kover
Maria C. Krause
Kenneth Krengel
Brana Kriegsman
Pat Kumicich
Vanessa Kurtz
MerriLea L. Kyllo

up to $249 cont’d

Denise Labrie
Mickey Lacroix
Veronica Lamas
Thomas LaRocca
Jeffrey Lash
Thomas & Benita Lauri
Trinity Lavender
Carol Lavezzi
Diane F. Lavoie
Susan M. Layton
Maureen Leary-Jago
Richard LeBer
Patricia Lee
Richard & Laura Lehrich
Luis Leiva
Frances Lester
Christine Lewis
Leonora Lilley
Becki Lindley
John R. Lindung
Teresa Little
John Lombardi
Robert & Theresa Lombardo
Lillian J. Love
Gina R. Lucci
Jose I. Luzarraga
Karen Lynch
Linda Lyons
Richard Macken
Margaret L. Mackenzie
Donna Madden
Kathleen Magher
Patricia Maher
Paul T. Malinowski
Kelly E. Malizia
Karen Maris
Diane Marra
Maria Marrone
Marilyn & James Martin
Amy Masterson
Inga Mathura
Julie Matteo
Janet M. Maurin
Magbis Mayo
Terri McAuley
Jane McCarthy
John McCue
Diane McDonough
Geraldine McEnroe
Margaret McGregor
Doris McGuire
Peggy B. McHugh
Patrick & Carol Mckee
Jack McKenna
Rose McLaughlin
Monica L. McMahon
John & Pamela Meehan
Pat Michael
Kim Miedema
Eva Migacz
Ruzanna Mikayelyan
Robert Milewski
Todd Miller
Michael D. Milone
Cap & Christina Mona
Carol Monning-Lowe
Thomas Monteleone
Paul Montgomery
Paschco P. Montoya
Sharon Moore
Jacqueline & Henk Morelisse
David Mueller
Joan Muir
Jeanne Mueller
Salvador Munoz
Douglas Murphy
John Murphy
Patricia Nardi
Sylvia A. Natale
Janet Nave
William Nelson
Carl W. Neubecker
John Nolan
Norbert S. Norkus
Kathy ODonnell
Nancy O’Hara
Nili Olay
John P. O’Leary
Derya Onaran
Janet Orey
Gary Oscko
Louis E. Oswald
Marisa & Tim Ouverson
John Palmer
Camille Pandolfelli
Arthur Paone
Thomas & Judy Parker
Janice & Don Parmelee
Joe Pascoe
Evelyn Pasque
Deborah K. Passero
Daniel W. Patterson
William A. Patton
Jennifer Paxson
June Payne
William Pearson
Timothy Peck
Julie Pedretti
Joseph & Vicki Pelikan
Brenda Peters
Todd Petersen and Diane Koutsulis
Patricia Petrow
Darla Pianowski
Chan Pike
Charlene Pippenger
Elizabeth Pircio
Karen Pobanz
Margrit Portaria
Byron Posadas
Julie Powers
Michael Presto
Mildred Pyne-Gutmann
John Raab
Theodore J. Raia
Audrey Rando
Patricia Rankin
Jerry & Deloris Rannow
Josette Rathbun
Judith Ray
Mike & Maureen Reed
Christina & Joseph Renne
John Rice
Stephanie L. Rice
Bobbi & John Richardson
Rosemarie Riscili
Sherwin & Joan Ritter
Charles Robinson
Robert Rohwetter
Frank Romano
James W. Romans
Jim Rose
Candice Rosen
Robin Ross
Barbara Rossetti
Gerald Rothrock
Manuel Roubicek
Susan Routh
Lynn Routier
Sarah Routley
Darlene Rozario
George Rubin
Barbara Russell
Jenny Ruth
Sarka Ruzicka
MaryLee Ryan
Kenneth Rzeszutko
Audrey Sanders
Connie Santariga
Robert Santoro
Barbara Santos
Olga Sarmiento
Philippe Savary
Frank Scalese
Janet Scher
Marley Schneier
Linda Schockman
Melissa & Raymond Schrader
Michael Schroeck
Beverly Schroeder
Patricia Schultheis
Susan Schumann-Skehan
Patti Scolavino
Nicole Sebes
Robert Sebes
Abigail Seeley
Diane Seely
Catherine A. Serafin
Bill Shade & John Pochopin
David Shaffer
Vasilia Shalobodova
Michael & Dianne Shanley
Joanne Shannon
Miranda Sharkey
Joan F. Sharp
Pamela Shiels
Sylvia Shirley
Charles Shudtz
Dave & Gay Silberg
Tina Sinetar
Jeanne Siopes
Elizabeth Skinner
Michele Skinner
Robert & Kathleen Slater
Michelle Smead
Daniel Smith
Gregory C. Smith
Shannon Smith
Susan D. Smith
Suzanne & Mark Smith
Jean & Jim Snyder
Robert & Mary Ann Soja
Stephen Sorett
Nancy Sorvillo
Michelle Soslau
Robert Soucy
Wayne Sparrow
Marie Christine St. Pierre
Mahlon Stacy
Frances Stadt
Kerry Stallard
Sheryl Stapleton
Jennifer Stark
Lynne & David Stauffer
Harold Steele
Steven Stefanides
Lee Stevenson
Lynn A. Stewart
Nancy & Steele Stewart
Ted Stine
Joseph Stinson
Ann Storjohann
Nancy Strano
Katherine Suero
Michael Svayg
Peter & Janet Swinburn
Robert Szumigala
Arnaldo F. Tavares Filho
Margaret Tavierne
Glenn Taylor
Tekla Taylor
Paul Theriault
Barbara Thomas
Darlene Thomas
Kathryn Thomas
Carl Tisone
Becky Titmus
Diana L. Todorsky
Michael Tompkins
Howard Topel
Jack & Joan Toren
Priscilla & Ronald Tougas
David Tourt
Becky & Michael Troop
John Turbyfill
James Ugone
Nicole Urban
Patricia Uzar
Joseph & Donna Vaccarella
Susan E. Vail
Daniel M. Van den Berg
Judith Varty
Lynne Vela
Michelle Vitelli
Eileen Voynick
Douglas & Susan Walck
Brian & Tami Walker
Barb Wandling
Marvin Weisberg
Martin Weiss
Gary Wennerlyn
Helen F. Wessling
Lynn Wetmore
Edward White
Evelyn White
Greer White
Lara Ellis C. White
Rosalie Wieckowski
Julie Williams
Roger & Joanne Williams
Sandi Wilson
David Winter
Craig Wobrock
Debra Wojcik
Lisa M. Wolland
Nancy Wyman
Carol Yates
Keith Zafren
Ken Zalewski
Rich Zampitella
Dorothy Zegeistowsky
Constance Zeman

We gratefully acknowledge donors who choose to give anonymously. This comprehensive list of donors does not include the names of donors who have requested anonymity. As we honor their wishes, we celebrate their generosity.



Our Generous Donors

All | A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P R S T V W Y
There are currently 67 names in this directory beginning with the letter D.

Dale R. Buckner
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

Daniel & Theresa Gersbach
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

Daniel M. Van den Berg
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

Daniel Smith
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

Daniel W. Patterson
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

Danielle Dodder
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

Darla Pianowski
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

Darlene & Mark Miller
CHOREOGRAPHER ($10,000-$24,999)

Darlene Kostner
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

Darlene Rozario
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

Darlene Thomas
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

Dave & Gay Silberg
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

David B & Vicky Smith
DESIGNER ($5,000-$9,999)

David Beadle & Margo Crupi
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

David Bosley
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

David Citrin
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

David G. Ireland
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

David Greenberg
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

David J. Eastaugh
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

David Kane
PROMOTER ($500-$999)

David Kolde
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

David Mueller
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

David Shaffer
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

David Tourt
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

David Winter
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

Debbie Compagnoni
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

Debbie R. Iamarino
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

Deborah & Jeff Campbell
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

Deborah Dagit
SUSTAINER ($250-$499)

Deborah K. Passero
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

Deborah Miesel
PROMOTER ($500-$999)

Debra Wojcik
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

Dell & Judy Pooler
ENSEMBLE ($1,000-$4,999)

Denise Avagliano
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

Denise Gamache
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

Denise Kaminsky
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

Denise Labrie
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

Dennis C. Kois Sr.
SUSTAINER ($250-$499)

Derya Onaran
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

DeVoe Automotive Group
ENSEMBLE ($1,000-$4,999)

Diana L. Todorsky
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

Diane & Sid Davis
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

Diane F. Lavoie
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

Diane Goldstein
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

Diane Howard
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

Diane Marra
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

Diane McDonough
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

Diane Seely
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

Dianne Delaurier
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

Dianne Thornton
PROMOTER ($500-$999)

Dolores & Manny Di Teresi
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

Dolores Ballou
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

Don M. Lowers
ENSEMBLE ($1,000-$4,999)

Donald & Linda Blauvelt
SUSTAINER ($250-$499)

Donna J. Fontana
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

Donna Madden
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

Donna Musilli
SUSTAINER ($250-$499)

Donna R. Haggett
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

Donna Robbins
SUSTAINER ($250-$499)

Doris McGuire
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

Dorothy Allard
SUSTAINER ($250-$499)

Dorothy Zegeistowsky
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

Doug Bennett
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

Douglas & Susan Walck
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

Douglas Duba
SUSTAINER ($250-$499)

Douglas Murphy
CONTRIBUTOR (up to $249)

Dwight Richardson
ENSEMBLE ($1,000-$4,999)


The Naples Players
701 5th Avenue South, Naples, Florida 34102

(239) 263-7990

Monday-Saturday: 10am to 7pm
Sunday: CLOSED

*Will-Call & Wait-List opens 2 hours before curtain


(239) 434-7340
Monday-Friday: 10am to 5pm

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PLEASE NOTE: The Western Theater alleyway from 4th Ave to 5th Ave is currently CLOSED for Construction; we are making significant upgrades to the stormwater, hardscapes, and landscapes.

This closure will impact access to the theater from the 4th Avenue Valet. 

Truluck's visitors may still access the restaurant from the Valet, or from 5th Avenue by following the signs.

See the CLOSED alleyway in orange in the map above.

Keep an eye out on our social media for updates!